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Product ID bd735
Shanti Boutique

Throat Chakra Charmas Bead Turquoise

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SB Original Design

BD735Sterling silver bead for the throat chakra. The throat chakra, or vishudda, is for communication, honesty and integrity. The opening of the bead is about 4.5 mm. The bead has hearts shapes around it and is equipped with a rubber stopper so it doesn't move around. The rubber stopper can be removed if you prefer it to move.
You can purchase each of the chakra charm beads separately and add them as you go and change them out as you like.
1.2 cm + 1 cm bead, 2.7 g

Throat Chakra (vishudda): Communication. Honesty. Integrity.
Mantra:Ham; Stone: Apatite; Shape:Pyramid (upside down); Color: Blue

Shanti Boutique's Charmas Good Karma Bead collection has 4.5 mm to 5 mm holes so they will fit Pandora, Troll, Chamilia, Biagi and other 3 mm chain charm bead systems. The beads are so versatile and compatible with other brands. You can easily change them out using one of our charmas beads 3mm snake chain bases or add them to your current collection. If you already have a Pandora bracelet, you can simply add one of Shanti Boutique's fair trade charm beads right on!

Shanti Boutique donates a portion of the profits to the Tibetan Children's Education Foundation. Not only are you supporting Fair Trade with this purchase, but also a good cause!

Sterling silver. Made in Thailand.

Faceted Throat Chakra Bead Turquoise 5 mm opening
Turquoise blue faceted bead for the throat chakra with sterling silver rim. 5 mm hole to fit with Pandora or other 3mm chain charm systems.
Charmas Throat Chakra Stone Charm MINI
Good vibes throat chakra charm is made of sterling silver and has a turquoise colored stone. The spring clasp makes it simple for you to use it on your favorite necklace or create your own charm blend. It is part of our charmas, good karma charms collection and can be combined with the other charms to personalize your jewellery. This design is available in two sizes. This is the mini size 1.2 cm.
Good Vibes Throat Chakra Earrings
Communication. Honesty. Integrity. Sterling silver Throat Chakra Vishudda Earrings with turquoise stone.

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Conscious * ethical * charitable ...with these qualities in mind and action, Shanti Boutique is a fair trade business committed to producing unique jewellery, positive for people and planet.

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We donate a portion of our profits to the Tibetan Children's Education Foundation.

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Proud members of Fair Trade Federation since 2005.

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Shanti Boutique is a certified green business by Green America.

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