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new products
Shanti Boutique's newest products.
charmas: good karma charms
Our popular collection of charms to bring you good karma! With their spring clasps you can easily put them on on build your own charm bracelet, necklace or anklet.
charmas: good karma beads
Spiritual beads to boost your good karma. Collection includes: om, buddha and a full selection of seven chakras charms. The Charmas beads is made up of 3mm snake chains and beads that are also compatible with other charm systems like Pandora, Troll and Chamilia.
eco gypsy recycled collection
Shanti Boutique's recycled glass and recycled brass jewelry collection featuring, bangles, necklaces, big earrings, adjustable rings, modern japa malas, and necklaces for men.
chakra jewellery silver
Seven chakra silver jewellery and individual chakra silver jewellery including: chakra necklaces, chakra pendants, chakra earrings, chakra anklets.
meditation jewellery
Meditation Jewelry collection includes Buddha Jewelry for compassion, Ganesh Jewelry for success, Shiva Jewelry for bliss and Yin Yang pendant for harmony.
yoga jewellery
The Best Yoga Jewellery, original designs of different Asanas in plain silver or with semiprecious gemstones. Yoga Necklaces, Yoga Earrings, Yoga Pendant, Dog Pose Earrings, Dog Pose Pendant, Warrior Pose Pendant and other poses too!
Simplicty is a select line of beautiful, classic designs to use as a base with our pendants or just to wear as they are.
love nature
Love Nature collection features designs to inspire love of people and nature and achieve a meditative state of mind. It includes hearts jewelry for love, nature designs for wisdom and respect, and lotus jewelry for meditation, purity and enlightenment.
mantra & om jewellery
Mantra Jewellery, Om Jewellery, Aum Rings, Aum Jewellery for men, Om Earrings, Om Necklace, Om Shanti ring, Om Nama Shivaya bracelet, Om Nama Shivaya ring, and Om Mani Padme Hum mantra jewellery.
jewellery displays bags
3 styles of bamboo displays, custom made to display our products. Silk Jewelry Bags. Also information booklets and catalogs.
gift voucher
Give a fair trade gift of shanti boutique jewellery but let the lucky recipient decide what they'd like. Shanti Boutique gift voucher is an ideal gift.
easy order sets
Easy Order Sets with a SPECIAL PRICE. These jewellery sets make it easy to order fair trade wholesale with extra discounts.
groovy for guys
A selection of our yoga, om and spiritual jewelry that guys love to wear. Om pendants for men, Necklaces for men and a great choice.
best sellers
Shanti Boutique's Best-selling Yoga Jewellery, Chakra Jewellery and Mantra Jewellery.
chic for children
Chic for Children is a selection of fun items that fit kids. Yoga jewellery for kids, Om necklaces and earrings for kids, Anklets, Bracelets and pendants for Children.
Sterling silver anklets, yoga anklets, om anklets, tibetan aum anklets and chakra anklet.
Sterling silver Om Bracelet, Yoga Bracelets, Mantra Bracelets, Shanti Bracelet, Om Namah Shivaya Bracelet Cuff, Chakra Bracelets, Leather Bracelet, Ganesh Bracelet, wholesale and retail.
Yoga Earrings, Silver Om Earrings, Aum Stud Earrings, Buddha Earrings and Buddha Studs, Chakra Earrings, Ganesh Earrings, Yoga Poses Earrings and Sterling Silver Earrings with Gemstone. Wholesale and retail.
Om Necklaces, Yoga Necklace, Chakra Necklace, Ganesh Necklaces, Chakra chokers, Aum Necklaces for Men.
Beautiful Yoga Pendants, Silver Om Pendants, Om Charms, Small Aum Pendants, Chakra Pendants, Chakras Charms, Buddha Pendants, Budda Charms, Ganesha Pendants, Yin Yang Pendants, namaste pendant, shiva pendants.
Spinning mantra rings, om ring, aum rings for men, adjustable yoga rings, seven chakra rings, ganesh rings and toe rings.
toe rings
Sterling silver toe rings, adjustable toerings.
buddhist jewellery
Sterling silver buddist jewellery, silver buddha pendants, silver buddha charms, buddha earrings, tibetan om jewellery, om mani padme hum mantra jewellery, great collection of om jewellery.
hindu jewellery
Sterling Silver Hindu Jewelry for Men, Women and Children. Om Jewelry, Shiva Pendants, Ganesha Jewerly.
shanti boutique


fair trade

Shanti Boutique

Conscious * ethical * charitable ...with these qualities in mind and action, Shanti Boutique is a fair trade business committed to producing unique jewellery, positive for people and planet.

For a good Cause

We donate a portion of our profits to the Tibetan Children's Education Foundation.

Member of Fair Trade Federation

Proud members of Fair Trade Federation since 2005.

Green America Gold Seal

Shanti Boutique is a certified green business by Green America.

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