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Yoga Anklet/ Yoga Bracelet Set of 7
Product ID ac32s

Yoga Anklet/ Yoga Bracelet Set of 7

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SB Original Design

Colourful yoga bracelets or yoga anklets set of 7 are made with a sterling silver yoga charm and microfiber suede (vegetarian) in the seven chakra colours. You tie them to fit as an anklet or bracelet. In this set you get 3 x Lotus Pose Anklets/Bracelets (Padmasana), 2 x Backbend Anklet/Bracelets (Urdhva Dhanurasana) and 2 x Downward-Facing Dog Pose Anklets/Bracelets (Adho Mukha Svanasana), each one comes on a different colour.
2 cm, 0.9 g charm, 30 cm faux-suede length, tie-to-fit.

Sterling silver and Ultrasuede (vegetarian). Made in India.

Om Cube Anklet or Om Bracelet SET of 8
Ultrasuede is Vegetarian! A SET OF 8 4-sided hand carved Om cube on a color Ultrasuede cord that can be tied as an om anklet or om bracelet. You get one of each color shown.
Chakra Anklet set/7
A set of 7 chakra bracelets or anklets. 4-sided hand carved chakra bead cubes on a color vegetarian suede cord that can be tied as an anklet or bracelet. Each one corresponds to a different chakra and is tied on the related color.

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